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NEW PRODUCT: Invisible Wood™
Today is a very special day! After 7 years in this game, I have reached milestones I could've never imagined, and today is no different. We, UniquefreakLLC have created a new product line called Invisible Wood™ and this is our debut item, 3D Crest Lamps. Made of industrial grade acrylic. This light in the base is an LED lamp powered by 3 AA batteries OR by the USB cord that is included. It also has the ability to cycle thru various colors as well. Product stands approximately 9x6in tall. Perfectly Placed on the desk, shelf, or mantle. Can be displayed as an award or a simple table setting. They are $64.99 each, BUT to share in our excitement, they are $49.99 for a limited time only!!!! Stands approx. 9in x 6in. Available for ANY/ ALL Greek Letter Organizations!!!
Email: Uniquefreak2010@gmail.com

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